Heal water

Healing water : Why and How ?

Nowadays the environment and the respect of the natural resources are at the heart of the collective preoccupations: more and more people are becoming aware of the negative impact of the excessive human activity, and works towards a more eco-friendly way of consumption. They realized that the resources of the planet are precious and have to be preserved whatever the cost. That is especially the case of the water resources, which are yet one of the most wasted commodities in the world: currently only the two percent of the used water are recycled, which is derisory compared to the outrageous daily consumption. However there are many solutions to solve this problem.

Ecologic situation in Great Britain

As a pioneer of the industrial revolution, Great Britain has been for a long time and remains a very industrialized country: in this capacity, it also is one of the biggest polluters of the planet. The country has a well established climate skeptic tradition, and the respect of the environment was not its main preoccupation. But since a few years, the successive governements seem to realize that the ecology is a very important matter which has to be considered more seriously: that is why numerous water treatment plants are born these last years.

Heal water to heal yourself

Many people still are worried about reusing wastewater. However it is important to know that the soiled water is the subject of a strict and specific treatment to make it suitable for the daily consumption again: firstly it is filtered to remove the rubbish, then is it degritted and degreased. After that, the water is treated with chlorine to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria, and aerated to bring oxygen to it. Then it is sent through a big sedimentation tank to enable the suspended particles to fall at the bottom. Finally the water is treated one last time with chlorine and ozone to clean it totally.

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