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Tropicspa and eco friendly hot tubs

More homeowners are getting conscious of how their purchases and lifestyles affect the environment. This consciousness has led to an attempt to decrease the environmental impact of their homes to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Environmentally Friendly Recyclable Shell

At tropicspa,we have a durable shell that's made with one hundred pc recyclable Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). This lightweight yet super strong material is long lasting and is one among the foremost versatile recyclable materials. It’s wont to make medical equipment, sporting and outdoor gear like kayaks, automobile parts, patio furniture and alternative waterproof lumber.

Shells manufactured without waste

During the shell manufacturing process, tropicspa use one hundred pc of their MDPE input material in order that no manufacturing waste is made . Other spa manufacturers that build fiberglass or acrylic hot tubs with steel or wood frames have more waste after the spa is made, waste which will not be recyclable.

Efficient to work

Designed to be energy efficient, spas are kept at the right temperature with a thermal rod friction heater. Full foam insulation maintains your spa’s temperature longer, and therefore the marine-grade vinyl cover that comes free together with your bathtub purchase locks within the heat, reducing heating costs and lowering energy consumption.

eco-friendly hot tubs extend water life

The best eco-friendly spa will combine energy and water-saving technology. Hot tubs with traditional water care systems require draining and refilling a couple of times a year. But spas with eco-friendly salt water systems extend water life for up to a year. The new Freshwater Salt System is the simplest and best bathtub salt water chlorine generator. it'll keep water fresh and sanitary for a full year with normal use before it must be drained and refilled. Heavy use of the spa can make an early water replacement necessary. this technique not only saves on water use, but also extends on energy efficiency. It takes far more energy to heat new water to the right temperature than to stay warm water heated.

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