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There are many reasons why people invest in hot baths, among them escaping the biting cold of winter and turning their house into a party pad. I mean, what great party movie did you see that the basin or the hot tub scene didn't include? No matter how much you have one, I bet that you haven't taken into account all the health benefits of a good hot soak. Here you will read the goodness and the health benefit of a hot tub to your body.

Hot relief

We are going to begin with the apparent one; hot tubes encourage rest. You get less tense in your muscles when you are immersed in hot water and as a result, you release stress. To me, getting into hot tubs reminds me that when my mother would draw me a bath when I didn't feel well, I was being cared for as a young girl. It's much like why we like to have our hair played and your bag tickled — our parents have tried to soothe us and they still have a good impact on us in our adult lives.

Well done for the immune system

Being in a high temperature setting (such as a sauna or a hot tub) helps promote normal white blood cell development in your body. A large number of these cells help to prevent infections, viruses etc. in your body. If you regularly visit your hot tub, you will get sick less often.

Welcome to detox

One of the bonuses of a hot tub is that it imitates some of the advantages of exercise without straining your heart. You will start sweating after a few minutes in the hot water of a spa, sweating is a great way to remove your body's toxins and helps your skin to really improve. You can add Epsom salt to the hot water to help relax and remove toxins from your body, if you want to go a little further. It helps the breathing as well.

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